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Our name “anoush’ella” means MAY IT BE SWEET. It’s an expression of the love, pride and enjoyment that goes into serving someone who enjoys your food and thanks you. Our name reflects our belief that part of the joy of living lies within the food we eat and share with loved ones. We believe when food is prepared with passion and love as the key ingredients, it awakens the palate, enriches the mind and satisfies the soul. We simply want to share this with you and provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Our menu is based on the traditional recipes found in every Armenian household. Many items begin with our delicious m’anoush (man. o͞o.sh) flatbread, prepared to order on a traditional convex griddled called Saj which cooks the bread in just under two minutes. The m’anoush is then hand-rolled around fresh, authentic ingredients or scattered with savory or sweet toppings. At anoush’ella we are proud to serve time honored dishes with the freshest ingredients and a comfortable, yet contemporary dining experience. Most importantly, every order is prepared and served with love.

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Opening Fall 2024
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