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Koko Coffee

At Koko Coffee, our dedication to quality begins with our carefully curated selection of coffee from Broadsheet Coffee Roasters, renowned for their commitment to sustainability and exceptional flavor profiles. Every cup we serve is a testament to our commitment to excellence in coffee brewing.

Paired with our coffee are the creations of award-winning pastry chef Anna Lvovna. Each pastry is a masterpiece, crafted with locally sourced, farm-raised, and organic ingredients, ensuring a delightful and authentic taste experience. Our menu at CambridgeSide will feature an array of these meticulously prepared pastries, offering a perfect complement to our coffee selection.

Koko Coffee also has tea service including chai tea, matcha latte and iced tea.

Store Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturday + Sunday: 10am to 4pm
Koko Coffee
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